Fleet routing


Optimal assignment of orders to vehicle saves over €110.000/year/fleet of 50 medium size vehicles *).

Intended for distribution, delivery, collection, e-shops, business groups, services, healthcare etc.

Key features

  • fully integrated and used advanced features of TomTom Telematics and Webfleet
  • used as service - no risk of investment to expensive SW or powerful HW
  • quick deployment and immediate savings
  • speed up planning with mouse click, regardless to dispatch stress
  • acceptance of order limits and time frames
  • send orders directly to drivers and navigate them automatically
  • check plan and execution - driven kilometres, times, scheduled stops etc.
  • increase customer service quality, more precise plans
  • working also automatic without driver cooperation
  • possible to use basic TomTom LINK configuration

Be organized and save costsfleet-routing

Save considerable amounts of money, thanks to quality of order assignment, minimize driven kilometres and time. Even more - you can evaluate plan execution and focus to worst and best drivers and vehicles. There is usual saving of 5% - 15% driven kilometres compared to standard human planning.

You evaluate quickly also quality of your service to customers - deliveries were on time frame, on edge or delayed

Maximize using of TomTom Telematics

You can use even basic TomTom Telematics equipment - LINK units with basic LINK tariff. You do not need to upgrade your tariff. Even in this case you get superior trip planning and overview about tours execution.

In case you will use connected navigations - additionally your drivers can get directly order details and destinations into navigation. Drivers will not spend time to look for destination, optionally they can see actual traffic information - TomTom Traffic (former HD Traffic).

In Webfleet you can see your orders, times and status on-line, when executed. This improves quality of information and communication level between driver and dispatcher.

Evaluation of plan execution is independent on the driver, if he types order events or not. Stop points are identified according coordinates, so no driver collaboration is necessary.

Quick trip planning

Trip planning is really quick, with single mouse button. It is independent on actual human concentration or stress. Planner receives by return first plan how to assign orders to vehicles, including trips cost.

With simple mouse drag and drop planner can modify plan, reassign orders etc. He sees immediately if all condition are fulfilled incl. new cost of trips.

Risk freefleet-routing-fee

Application is risk FREE! There is zero investment to expensive SW or servers. You just pay monthly fee and at the same time save much more money on running costs.

Supported languages

Service is available in:

  • English
  • German
  • Russian
  • Polish
  • Czech
  • Slovak

Ready for French and Spanish.

Service is available for all TomTom Telematics customers throughout the world. 

Are you ready to save money?

Contact us today to save costs in coming days. Service can be quickly deployed with immediate savings. There is no risk investment.