Logistic connector


Share your vehicle information with main logistic operators and offer high service standard. In some cases it is compulsory condition to cooperate with. Service runs automatic without any request to work around after setting and is risk free - you do not need to purchase any additional SW or HW.

Logistic operators

You can share information with the following logistic operators:
  • DHL Express
  • DHL Express Air Transport (FleetFence)
  • Gebrüder Weiss
  • Gefco

What you need to setup

Set up is very simple and can start in 48 hours if conditions are fulfilled:

  • you need active Webfleet account and define dedicated user with specific conditions
  • confirm Logistic connetor usage conditions

The vehicles can use any TomTom Webfleet Tariff (LINK, ECO, NAV, LIVE), just covering requested area.

After setting up there is necessary no more work around, everything works automatically.

Vehicle availability planninglogsitic-connector-time

If your vehicles are running also other jobs, that only for selected logistic operator, you can plan availability of the vehicles. Through interface you place start date/time and end date/time of sharing vehicles, even in advance, and data exchange will be opened and closed according your setting.

Service interface for vehicle availability planning is currently in English, German and Czech languages. Can be extended in the future.

Service territory availability

Logistic connector is available for any TomTom Telematics customer throughout the world.